It really is simple.

As an Dela Music member, your music is distributed without upfront fees to over 200 different digital stores and services around the world.

From the moment you upload your music, çOur promise to you is total transparency and flexibility. We charge a 50% fee on your revenues generated through the Dela Music service. And you can terminate at any time with 30 days notice. It really is that simple.


Right places at the right time.

When you combine Dela Music's expert sales team and our close relationships with key digital partners, your music gets in front of more people, more often.

Our team works with you to maximize the potential of your releases on all of the digital platforms. We consistently achieve great results for Dela Music members including store promotions, editorial coverage, and playlist placement with key revenue-driving digital music services. It’s always in our best interest to ensure your music is positioned and featured in the right places.


We are is a YouTube Certified company

We are is a YouTube Certified company, and we can use our expertise to help you to get the most from your video strategy. Our expert team will provide best practices and tips for getting the most out of your videos, be it monetization, audience growth or promotion..

Dela Music will protect your rights on YouTube and collect any royalties you are due for the use of your music in user generated content (UGC) on YouTube. We also will deliver your music into YouTube's Red subscription service, ensuring that you are paid for streams of your audio and video content on the service. Within the Portal, you can view your top UGC videos and see how much each is earning. We also can help you monetize your own YouTube channel, limit piracy, and drive engagement. With advice ranging from growing subscribers to best practices on administering your channel, Dela Music can help you develop a customized video strategy that works best for you.